Renal Care

GHFI is committed to bringing high end Education Programs with US Faculty and Curriculum to students in emerging countries. GHFI will work with Transplant organizations to spread awareness and knowledge sharing for patients preparing for a transplant. Partnership with Kidney Associations in various countries, collection of clinical data to aid evidence based investigation are part of the proposed activities.

Some Facts
  • As per Indian Society of Nephrologists, 2,29,000 new dialysis patients are added each year to the existing patient count.
  • India has the highest number of kidney patients globally and roughly 80% die due to affordability and hygiene factors.
  • Most families lose the sole bread winner as unlike a normal human being, a dialysis patient need to dialyse twice/thrice a week to lead a normal lifestyle.
  • Corporates/Charitable organizations become game changers that can help sustain livelihood through adoption of poor patients.
  • COVID-19