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Global Healthcare Foundation is a Charitable Organization ( 501c3 ) committed to the cause of ensuring that Healthcare is available to all and the poor are not left behind. Globally, health expenditure in emerging nations is an important factor in poverty alleviation and hence we are committed to help in that direction by involving private sector that has commitments towards Healthcare improvements.

Our Priority would be to create sustainable ways to achieve affordable healthcare for all. Focus would be on primary healthcare and promote preventive and early treatment before people develop diseases that are more expensive to treat later.

Towards above objectives, we plan to involve Private Sector and become an intermediate charity organization to

  • Substitution where government initiatives are not effective or are overburdened;
  • Creating innovations that can be scaled to global level;
  • Facilitate partnership in order to leverage the key insurance functions which are better performed by the private sector; and
  • Supplement government benefits wherever possible for needy patients.

Initial focus of our objectives would be all Healthcare Projects including ICU, Renal Care, Urgent care  and Mental Wellness Programs.

We are committed to building successful pilots by taking small sample sizes of Patients and improving their outcomes. The successful case studies will be shared with larger private sector organizations that are supporting genuine causes.

  • Global Healthcare Foundation, Inc (GHFI) is a US ( 501c3 ) registered national not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people with kidney diseases and individuals waiting for renal transplants.
  • IRS Approval as ( 501c3 ) was on May 15th, 2018 as Public Charity Status.
  • Tax ID is 47-2904284.
  • We have also undertaken collaborative Dialysis Education Scholarship programs in India and Kenya help underprivileged Students to make a career in the Renal Industry.